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Brittany Bullen

Owner (Head Nerd),

“I got immediate results within the first couple of weeks of working with Rachel. My dream, my pie in the sky goal was 20k a month. I generated 12K in a DAY within 2 weeks of working with her, which at the time was the biggest thing I could possibly imagine….And now, 20K a month is small potatoes. We have 20K days!.” 





Dr. Tami Berry

Founder, Tami Berry, Inc.

“Talking to potential clients used to feel like I was flipping a coin. And now… well, I just got a several thousand dollar lump sum transferred to me. Nothing like seeing that many zero’s on the end to know this is where it’s at!” 




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Stacey Bunton

Founder, Systemic Fix

“In one conversation with Rachel, I was immediately clear about what had been holding me back for decades, and within two months of working with her, I’d followed through with leaving my corporate job of 20+ years, and launched two businesses.”

First Big Contract!!

Nicole Wetterman

Nicole Wetterman

Holistic Health Coach

“I’d spent $30K on coaching for three years before this, and was ready to go get a job because I wasn’t making any money. Two weeks into Rachel’s Sales Without the Sweat program, I sold a $2,500 package for the first time ever, and I did it on a single call…without breaking a sweat!

Cati winkel

Cati Winkel

Owner, Patient Parenting

“I knew after our first call this was exactly what I needed. There was no fluff. Clients are coming more easily and my group doubled in the time we worked together.” 




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Jenny Katzen

Owner, Lady DJ, Mix N' Hits

“As a nurse, I was terrified to tell the world I wanted to DJ, but having a tribe led by Rachel gave me what I needed, and I stepped into business as one of the few lady DJs out there. I booked several gigs right away including one at my own hospital, and now have a thriving business with several DJ’s who work for me!”


Kelly Clark

Director R&D Portfolio & Collaboration - R&D IT, Biogen

“I don’t know why I ever hesitated to do this – it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and definitely worth the investment. Rachel’s coaching is the exact experience that I needed to have to get out of my own way”

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Wanda Thomas

Photographer & Owner, MadCris

“Coaching with Rachel is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. She’s tough in such a good way, and tells you what you need, but with a loving spirit. She met me where I was and gave me the push I needed. In the end learning about ME, was the best thing I could have ever done. It was a lot like yoga class: you think it will be relaxing to walk in and stretch, and then you find out it’s really a workout. As long as you’re committed, she will help you meet and exceed your goals. I thought I was just coming to work on my business, but I learned that I was more than that, so much MORE — THIS coaching has changed my marriage and every relationship since entirely. Today, for the first time, I see my husband for who he truly is.”

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Jules Clyde

Owner, Julie Clyde Creative, World Class Branding Styles

“When I told Rachel my vision, she listened quietly and then asked me a single question – it rocked me. No one else had ever seen straight through to my core like that. Over the next few months I changed so much about my business, gained new contracts I’d wanted for years, turned down clients that weren’t a fit, and raised my prices. Retreat with Rachel was worth far more than I paid!”

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Elizabeth Nordan Gibbs

Wellness Advocate, doTERRA

“I’d been hitting the same ceiling in my business for years, and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.  Within two months of working with Rachel, my income doubled and I’ve consistently seen increases each month since. I grabbed my spot in the retreat as soon as I heard about it! It’s hard to know the biggest result because so much feels possible now, but what’s so clear now is the exact action steps I need to take in my business now.”

Dr. Rachel Scott is a highly trained and highly skilled performance coach. She works with women who are tired of not making the real difference in the world they know they could be, and she gives them the roadmap and support needed to finally make that happen. She’s helped women transition from working decades in a corporate job where they knew they were selling themselves out to having a profitable business, making a real difference, in less than 60 days. She’s worked with heart-centered entrepreneurs to expand their reach and create increases of $6k in recurring revenue in under 30 days. Rachel isn’t just a mindset expert; she grew a genetics start-up to 75 employees, achieved $15 million in series A capital funding, demonstrated 25% increases in revenue quarter over quarter and was personally responsible for managing an $8 million budget. She combines that tactical and operational expertise with an intuitive style to help women grow their vision into businesses that alter the world.