How to Do the Work You Love AND Make Serious Money

Without Feeling Sales-ey or Say…Losing Your Mind.

That headline has you rolling your eyes for sure, if you’ve spent any time online trying to find some faceless guru to tell you how to change your life.

You know you need more than a Google search to learn how to get your business to the next level

…because if that was all you needed, you’d be there by now.

You would have done it already because you’re THAT kind of girl.

The kind who gets stuff done.

The kind who sees a problem as a challenge just begging to be conquered.

So here’s a challenge for you:

If you feel that visceral need to succeed in this work you care so much about, why aren’t you doing it?

I’ll tell you.

It’s because you can’t get there on your own—Because YOU are in your own way!

Well, if you’re ready to do more than dream of change, I’ve got news for you:

Registration for the Next Create Powerfully Women’s Retreat is Now Open

And this isn’t a sit-and- download informational seminar in some hotel that sounds fancy but just feels like another box to stay in.

We’re going to spend three days working on YOU—the mindset holding you down—OUTSIDE.

OUTSIDE of the ways you’ve already tried.

OUTSIDE of the assumptions you’ve made about what has to be done first in order to grow

OUTSIDE of the world of all they things they tell you have to happen to have success.

And, we’re going to spend (the same) three days working on your business.

And I’m not just talking ideas and strategies. After all, if you didn’t know what makes business tick, you wouldn’t be where you are today.

No, you’ll walk away with the machinery in place to transform your wildest dreams into work that matters with your first client in less than 30 days!

How can you promise such crazy results?

How can I be sure you can begin your transition from your current work and launch the business you dream of in as few as thirty days?

Because you already have a lot of the skills and business savvy that most would-be entrepreneurs have to slave for years to develop:

  • Power

  • Fearlessness

  • Execution

  • Relentlessness

  • Charisma

  • Network


Skills you use every single day.

You already have that part locked down. It’s simply about shifting how you use those skills.

(You’ll see though… you have these pieces, you just need a guide to discover how to use them in this new world.)

To be fair, I can’t actually guarantee you’ll do the work.

It’s up to you to choose yourself.

If you’re not ready to do that, nothing I teach can save you from the life of desperation you’re leading now.

So what do you say?

How do I Know If I’m Ready?

Joining this select group of powerful entrepreneurial women without a clear commitment to your new life business would be like trying to ride your bicycle next to my Harley.

Not gonna work.

As one of my alumni tells her friends, “If you’re not ready to embrace the new you, stay home.”

But, if you’re still reading, I believe it’s because you can feel it calling you.

Because the question of whether you’re ready or not has nothing to do with how sure you are that

you know how to build a business…

…and everything to do with your commitment to digging deep and doing it anyway.

Being afraid isn’t just o.k., it’s actually a requirement. If the idea of turning your vision into a

real business doesn’t scare your pants off, you’re not quite there yet.

With that in mind, I’d say you’re ready if:

  • You’re tired of feeling stuck at a level of work that doesn’t satisfy your passion

  • Your work today feels like a prison

  • You’re sick of stuffing your feelings

  • You’re ready to stop worrying that you can’t see every step on the path ahead

  • You’re exhausted by the shame of being able to get anything and everything done except the one thing that deeply matters to you

  • You’re ready to honor yourself, no matter what anyone else says

  • You’ve tried everything from reading to journaling to meditating, but you still can’t shake the restless feeling


Feel familiar? Click here to schedule a call with me to talk details.

I thought so. Talk soon!

What will you teach that I don’t already know?

If you think success in the world you work in today doesn’t translate straight over into the world of purpose-driven entrepreneurship, you’re absolutely right.

There are some key mindsets and key skills you need.

Once you have those to harness all of that gorgeous natural power, your business will take off faster than any by-the-books career ever could.

During the 3-days you commit to yourself, asking your work and your family to wait until you return, I will not waste one minute of your time. My goal is that each of the ten or less women who attend this intensive, small-group retreat are fully empowered to:

  1. Ask for the money you deserve with confidence

  2. How to get the chutzpa to get more clients and then grow by increasing your rates

  3. Connect to untapped confidence and knowing that will rock your world

  4. Access a community of alumni who share your commitment (can you say powerhouse networking?)

  5. Naturally use simple, intuitive sales tactics that feel authentic and even (gasp!) comfortable

  6. Scale with seamless strategies to build the RIGHT team, you can count on, and leave trusting that, YES you can afford to do that.


And that’s just the beginning! Because when you master these, you get to:

  • Leave your mark in the world

  • Put your current business skills to work for your life’s mission

  • Connect your highest, most powerful self to your true passion


And blow

-Imposter syndrome

-Fear of the unknown

-Fear of Success

clean out of the water!

All so you can get from committed to real business owner with your first client in less than 30 days!

At this retreat, you’ll get the roadmap and support you need to make your big impact dream real.

Let’s face it, growing a business is hard, so why do it alone?

I’m serious about this being a powerhouse community, so I handpick the clients who join.

This Retreat is NOT for you if…

  • You just want out of where you are, but don’t have any idea what you want to create,

  • You’re not willing to commit to what it would take to have a different life,

  • You’re looking for a therapist to complain to,

  • You think it’s everyone else’s fault that you feel stuck…


(There’s nothing wrong with that, and I was there a few years back, but it’s just not a good fit.)

If you’re not willing to invest in yourself, then don’t apply. These are powerful women who have invested time and money to have the business and life they want, so if you’re serious, this is your community.

Here’s What You Can Expect:

I will be fully dedicated to you with compassion and empathy for your current experience…

…My deadly serious commitment is about getting you out and on your own as quickly as possible.


The journey from your comfort zone to your transformational life’s work is not for sissies.

But you can’t get there by thinking harder or working faster either.

Think of it as pushing a reset button.

The hardest part of the reset is actually pushing it.

After that, it’s just following the steps to re-boot from a clean slate.

Steps I will walk you through at the Create Powerfully retreat.

This isn’t some cookie cutter strategy you have to memorize – this is a natural approach tailored to your values.

You’ll leave this exclusive retreat experience with a plan grow your business built on the foundation of your core self and how YOU operate,

…which includes your core message, marketing, sales, systems, leadership and team-building strategies, relationship building and income growth that feels good.

Sound good? 

What Others are Saying:


What Will Happen When I Click To Claim My Spot?

I’m smiling—because I see you where you are.

That’s where I was I was not very long ago at all—unwilling to move forward until I was sure I could not fail moving forward, even when I could feel in my bones that it was right for me.

But I also know this retreat has limited space available—no more than ten applications will be accepted.

Still, I’ll answer your question, because I know the uncertainty is killing you:

-Below, you’ll find a button that reads, “Claim My Spot” Click it.

-Next, you’ll pick a time on my calendar that works best for us to talk.

-Once you select a time, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page where you’ll find to complete your retreat application. (It won’t take long)

-Remember, there’s limited number of spaces available and we’re looking for a special type of woman, so make sure you let your true self shine!

-Once you complete your application, click Submit.

You’re done! (I knew you could do it! 😉 )

Check your email for your confirmation notification and your first bonus (I’d tell you what it is but that would spoil the fun).

Then call at the time you scheduled— and don’t won’t be late. Sound good?


Good luck in the application phase, and I hope to see you next month!