Hey, I just met you—and this is crazy—but here’s my number—so

Call Me Maybe?


I know you’re busy, and you want to get to the point.

You clicked this tab because my Create Powerfully  retreat calls to you but you can’t justify the time away…

…but you’re committed—and you have the funds…

…so you’re hoping there’s a short-cut.

Which is exactly why I’m not going to give you one.

Shocked face






You see, I almost decided not to accept any one-on- one coaching clients who hadn’t come to the Create Powerfully retreat yet…

…clients I had never met before in person…

…with only a one-hour phone call to assess their commitment level…

because I don’t want to waste time with half-baked people more interested at throwing money at

a problem than working through it themselves

Lucky for you, now I know better.

Because the kind of shift required to transition from your slow death doing work that doesn’t speak to you…

…to a purpose-filled life doing work that really matters

…requires a massive reset.

women on retreatAnd while gathering with other powerful women in the middle of

nowhere is one way to achieve that…

…it’s not the only way.

So I’ll give you a chance to prove yourself.

You already know it’s going to take more than a faceless guru with pretty promises and a proven

plan to get you out of the hell you’re in…

person in-a-cage…the hell that has become your daily life.

Of pretending to have it together while the passion

inside you tears to get out…

…screaming so loudly you wonder whether others can hear it.

Others, who you’re afraid you’d let down if you just quit.

Others, who you know you’re letting down by being dishonest with yourself.

It can be hard to navigate all these emotions, even with the best coach.

So you don’t just need to hire a guide to show you the way, you actually need to follow where she leads.

man on a camel in the desert guiding othersAre you up to the challenge? Show me.

If brains and heart were all it took, you’d have found your own way by now.

Because you’re THAT kind of girl.

This road isn’t for sissies.

Is it for you? “Yes! Get me out of here!”

If you think you can convince me to coach you one on one before you attend the Create Powerfully retreat, click over here to apply and we’ll chat.

Good luck!


P.S. If you’re still bent on blazing your own trail alone, I respect that. I’ll even let you in on a little secret to help you get started. It’s a secret my first coach told me years ago: Go get clients.

And save the URL to this page. I’ll be here when you get back.