Hi, I’m Rachel Scott, the Founder and Grand High Do-er of Things here at Create Powerfully.

Pretty snazzy title, huh?

I walked away from a really exciting title to get it.

Try Dr. Rachel Scott, VP of Clinical


Sound well-paid to you? Trust me, it was.

How about heart-centered?





I got to a point where my life’s calling—stuffed and stifled under years of building a beautiful

life and $50 million-dollar company from the ground up—started calling so loudly I couldn’t

ignore it anymore.

I couldn’t stand it. I realized that if I didn’t do something quick, it was going to consume me.

So I got a coach, and changed my life.

Within eight months from that initial call, I transitioned from the sweet corporate job (that was

slowly killing me) to a fulfilling coaching practice, making more money than I’d made in my VP


More on that in a minute.

First let’s turn back the clock a few decades and go to a dance recital.

Behind the curtain, a three-year old in her pink tutu, waits with all the other pink tutus for her


She’s beaming, her energy hardly contained as she practices her twirls, ready to dance for the


Pop music blasts out of the speakers.

My cue! she squeals

Her little pony tail bounces up-and- down as she moves onto the stage…

…but as she looks up, she sees the seventh-graders in black leotards slide into formation around


One by one the audience starts giggling.

She realizes it wasn’t her cue.

She’s on stage with the black leotards.

Her eyes fill with tears…

I made a mistake. They’re laughing at me!

She didn’t know she could just follow her own cue and the crowd would giggle with delight.

So she made the fateful decision: No one will ever laugh at me again—No more mistakes.

This little girl quit ballet, quit the excitement, quit the energy, the freedom to just dance.

From that moment on, she did everything perfectly—she would never attempt any task until

there was no chance she could fail.





She climbed to the top of every game she played, because she chose her games carefully and

always played to win.

And she did win.

She won titles, degrees, an amazing salary, a fantastic husband, great respect, and millions of

dollars for her company every year.

But the little pink tutu nagged at her.

She was always there in the background, begging to twirl, to dance in front of the world, to do

more than hit one more metric of success.

She’d whisper:

Here’s my cue—I’m ready to dance!

But her adult self would answer back: I spent years building this career, earning this reputation,

securing this paycheck, honing this 401K.

At first this was enough to brush her off. But in time that whisper turned into a scream:

This is my cue! I’m ready to dance!

And finally:


If you haven’t guessed it by now, that little girl in the pink tutu was me.

For years, Here’s my cue! haunted me. I couldn’t make sense of it. How could my life—my

status, my fat paycheck and my 401K—be wrong?

Finally I realized there was nothing wrong with my life at all. Everything about it was right…


Does this story sound familiar?

If so, if you’ve felt your higher purpose burning in your bones, but you get stuck every time you

let yourself imagine…

…stuck because you’re sure you have to be certain you won’t fail before you even begin…

…it feels impossible to start, let alone make it real.

After forcing myself to ignore my true life’s purpose for years, I made the liberating and

terrifying choice to transition out of my company and into my own business.

I ignored all the things I’d heard you had to do to start a business, and I decided to build it


I had no other choice. I needed to answer this call deep inside me, and since waiting for it to be

perfect didn’t work, it was time to do it differently.

So I put all my energy into how I was going to make a difference for the clients I planned to work with,

and why that would matter to them.

And once I knew that, I pushed all my chips into the middle.

No perfecting it, waiting for ‘the right time’, or taking it slow.

It took time, a solid mentor, some big scary leaps in the dark and some big unnecessary failures, but I finally succeeded.

I learned by building my dream business backwards that success comes not to those who fit in,

but to those who—like my three-year- old, tutu-clad self was begging me to do—trust your own cue.

For the first time ever, I took real action doing something I actually cared about.

I trusted something else was possible, even with my fear of failing, and it worked.

My “backwards” business model created my first client within a month.

I didn’t plan every detail out until I was paralyzed with a million steps.

But I also didn’t jump off a cliff.

I turned my dream into a business, built my business to fit my life, and resigned later that year.

And I made more money in my first year of business than I ever had as a VP.

My biggest lesson? When I chose to brush off my true purpose to seek security in a more

“responsible” place, I’d traded my pink tutu in so I could be sure I’d rock.

But the cost was I’d lost my own cue.

Turns out my mistake wasn’t dancing with the big kids, or even taking the wrong cue.

It was giving up on my music.

As I embraced my true calling and got good at listening to my heart again, I came back to life.

I learned to let my inner dancer lead me in her beautiful, unique, even sometimes messy way…

And she’s never been happier.

ballerinaWhat does this mean for you?

If you’re like me–if you’re an A player who can get anything done…

who everyone counts on…

who’s stifled by the purposeless work you do so well…

but loves the security of a healthy salary…

and knows there’s got to be something more out there than creating one more PowerPoint

who feels the desperate pull to something bigger than herself…

Click here and let’s talk. I know I can help.

You’re amazing. You can do this.

Dance on!