without the doubt. without the guilt. without blinking an eye.

Do you believe you can?

Well, I’m at least curious…

Tell me. Are you really satisfied with your business?

Or are you just pretending you’re happy,

working your ass off without the bank account to show for it?

Does it leave you proud of what you’ve accomplished?

Or exhausted, stressed and ashamed?

… tired from stuffing the same desperate feeling…

…knowing you are so good at what you do…

… but you’re not where you know you could be…

…and yet you’re still killing yourself 24/7…

Does that feeling need to be drowned out by staying busy everywhere in your life?

Do you push your feelings aside because you think that if you just work a little harder, take on one more job, one more client it’ll do it?

Even with all your perfect plans in your practical world are you…

exhausted from trying to figure it out

…day in and day out?

….to follow your passion like they promised you could…

…without having to sacrifice the big paycheck you know you deserve?

Do you feel like you’re holding your fears—like a beach ball threatening to explode from underwater—hoping no one will see?

short hair black shirt flowersI know I did.

Hi, I’m Rachel.

Today, I have a business that makes me Big Girl money, working with clients I love so much, that I will randomly text their asses just to tell them.

I help women who are out to make a big impact and make big money

—without the doubt or the guilt that usually goes along with asking for what you’re worth and making it big.

Today I know my worth without blinking an eye.

But it wasn’t always this way.

At my cushy corporate job, I could never shake the feeling that something was missing.

I’d power through a huge win on a project.

And it would feel amazing to be challenged and produce real results.

But the feeling never lasted.

I had to go on to the next challenge, and then the next, and then the next.

Because it was the only way to ignore that nagging voice that I was a fraud…

That someone was going to pull my covers and find out I didn’t really have what it takes.

And when I left corporate to start a business, the same boogie monsters followed me.

The same voices nagged at me that I had to prove myself, that someone was going to find out I wasn’t enough of an “expert.”

And that stuff threatened to destroy my business, kept my profits low and my anxiety high, until I realized what was actually going on.

Now let’s make one thing perfectly clear:


Not for you.

You need a solution that sets you free from your internal prison,

but has real strategy to get you the income you deserve.

I’ve got good news:

It’s easier than you think!

In just 8 months I made the leap successfully from my corporate job

… without taking the paycut EVERYONE warned me I’d have to take.

And I want to show you how in my first year of business I made $232K, more than anything I’d ever made as a VP in Corporate.

I’ve taken what I learned and refined the systems, so my clients see this success in just 4 months.

Imagine where you could you be just 4 months from today if you didn’t have to worry about how you were going to pay your bills

…because you consistently bring in customers at the prices you deserve.

Imagine in just 4 months, having a team you could actually trust, and knowing not only can you afford them, but they’re generating money while you take time off.

Would you trust it’s possible?

Before you answer I should warn you: The path I teach from well-

respected entrepreneur to blow-the- ceiling-off- success is not for the

faint of heart.

You can buy a catchy URL…

…or spin your wheels on LinkedIn

…or read E-Myth to get your ra-ra fix.

OR you can face the fact that you can’t read your future in a book…

You’ve got to write it yourself.

And you can’t do it alone—or you would have already.

What it’s Like to Work with Rachel

What rachel does part2

May I join you?


Yes! Show me how!


I thought so. I’ll catch you on the flip side.

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